Sex and Landscapes

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ISBN: 3822835056
Estado: Seminovo

Autor: Helmut Newton
Editora: Taschen
Ano: 2004 (1ª edição)

Sex and Landscapes was conceived in 2001 as the inaugural show for the new Zurich gallery of Helmut's dealers de Pury & Luxembourg. The idea of introducing the landscapes evolved into the concept of a mix that would balance these with a selection of Helmut's tougher sex pictures. Sex and Landscapes became a fluid concept that has been expanded over time with 30 further images to bring it to its present Sex and Landscapes will open the Helmut Newton Foundation in the Wilhelm II Palace in Berlin together with the exhibition 'Us and Them' which is a remake of the very successful exhibition by June and Helmut Newton that was shown at different places between 1998 and 2000. The book, which is also the exhibition catalogue, will contain 79 pictures on 112 pages. The selection of pictures at the Berlin exhibition and in the book is enlarged by around 20 compared with the De Pury & Luxembourg exhibition at Zurich. [...] #Sex #Landscapes

Localidade: Belo Horizonte/MG
Cadastro: 20/7/2018 às 15h46
Acessos: 8


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