The Rhetoric of Violence: Arab-Jewish Encounters in Contemporary Palestinian Literature and Film

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ISBN: 140396405X
Estado: Seminovo
Ano: 2005 (1ª edição)

Despite the urgent need to develop understandings of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the light of the current situation in the Middle East, the role of violence and reconciliation in Palestinian and Israeli literature and film has received only brief treatment. This book is intended to fill that void; that is to explore how Israelis and Palestinians view and depict themselves and each other in situations that lead to either violence or reconciliation, and the ways in which both parties define themselves in relation to one another. The book examines selected Palestinian and Israeli literary works and a small number of films and their tacit assumptions about Israeli Jews. It will attempt to look at, among other questions a) is violence perceived as a means of empowerment, b) is there connection between imaginary violence in literature and actual violence, and what is the nature of the association between creative writers and violence? [...] #História #Política #Oriente Médio #Palestina #Israel #Cultura #Literatura #Cinema #Sionismo

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