1356 - Go With God, And Fight Like The Devil

Preço: R$ 49,90
Frete: R$ 7,40 (350 gramas)
Prazo de Entrega: 7 a 14 dias
Estado: Seminovo
Editora: Harpercollins
Ano: 2013 (1ª edição)

Livro em excelente estado de conservação. (NOVO). Brochura 433 Páginas. Sem riscos, grifos ou anotações. September 1356, France - The English army - led by the heir to the throne, the Black Prince - is set to invade, while the French, along with their Scottish allies, are ready to hunt their enemy down. But what if there was a weapon that could decide the outcome of the war? Thomas of Hookton, known as le Batard, has orders to uncover the lost sword of Saint Peter, a blade with mystical powers said to grant certain victory to whoever possesses her. The French seek the weapon, too, and so Thomas's quest will be thwarted at every turn by battle and betrayal, by promises made and oaths broken. '1356' tells a magnificent story of the quest for a holy relic with the power to change history - a quest that culminates in an epic and unforgettable struggle. [...]

Localidade: São Paulo/SP
Cadastro: 18/10/2017 às 14h01
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